China's Currency Effective Date Inclusion IMF's SDR

China’s Currency Effective Date Inclusion IMF’s SDR

Chicken Little’s Global Currency Reset The internet is a great source for information.  But it can also be confusing when events are blown out of proportion.  This weekend was China’s Currency Effective Date for Inclusion into IMF’s SDR.  Chicken Little had a field day.  So let’s try to mop up the mess, so we can focus


Presidential Election 2016

Presidential Election 2016

The 2016 Presidential Election might be one of the most important decisions Americans make in the 21st Century.  Red Hats & Blue Hats Let me say upfront, I’m not writing this blog to sway your vote to Clinton or Trump.  It’s not a matter of Red Hats or Blue Hats. As a country of immigrants we’re risk


Lemonade for Banker’s Pay Cap

Note:  click on term to see definition Beyonce’s Sipping Lemonade This weekend, Beyonce served up the largest pitcher of LEMONADE I’ve ever seen.  In case you didn’t catch the show on HBO or missed the avalanche of publicity which followed, I’ll spill some 411.  Beyonce is mad at her husband Jay-Z because he (allegedly) had

Art & Collectibles

Knoedler Gallery Art Forgery Trial

When I decided to write about the Knoedler art forgery trial there were so many angles and players to choose just one.  So an overview of the entire affair is explained. The Rothko Forgery Trial This trial is for real and it’s really a shame because it all started out with the complaint of  The head


Calculating Other Types of Volatility

In a prior post we spoke about historical volatility using closing prices.  Called Close-to-Close (C2C) Volatility measures the standard deviation of daily price changes.  This blog takes us one step further and looks at how to calculate historical volatility as well as  the assets range volatility & overnight action. To review CLOSE-TO-CLOSE (C2C) Volatility, read


2Q15 Earnings Expectations & Schedule

2Q15 Earnings Expectations & Schedule

Earnings Expectations on S&P 500 Wow! It seems like this quarterly went by in a flash.  There’s been a lot of focus on Greece and lots of head scratching about the timeframe for rates rising.  Let’s take a moment and focus on 2Q15 earnings expectations & schedule. 2Q15 earnings season is not expected to be a good one.